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We provide a drop-off service where customer can bring there own electronic scraps  (E-Scraps) to us.

Below are some details about this service.

The demanufacture and recycle factory is located in Queens, near the Mid-Town Tunnel. Click "CONTACT" for the location.
Customer can drop-off their electronic scraps free of charges. Except for monitor and hard-drive destruction
Hours of operation: Mon to Sat 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM
We do not accept: TV and Radioactive E-Scrap.
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Simple Steps For E-Scraps Pick-Up
To setup a pick-up, customer can contact Prince Metal by phone or email. Afterward, we will send you a proposal on "What, When, Where and How" it will be picked up
After the signed proposal has been received, it takes about less than 3 business days to complete the pick-up.
The customer's electronic scraps will arrived at our secure factory. The E-scraps will be sorted and processed as specified in the proposal. After it, customer will received our official "Certificate of Disposal"

Fees Will Be Apply For A Pick-Up Services

Accepted Electronic Scraps
Computer / Server / Mainframe Printer / Copy Machine


VHS / DVD/ Blue Ray Player

UPS / Rectifer / Battery

Digital Camera

Monitor*: CRT / LCD Misc: Phone , Router, Switch
* Fee will be apply.
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Hard Drive Destruction Service

Dispose a computer, you have to consider destructing the
hard drive. It's a necessity!

Here are the reasons:

For Residential For Business
  • Contain Personal Data
  • Leads to Identity Theft
  • Contain Sensitive Data
  • Exposes Confidentiality
Before: Readable Data   After: Destructed, Unreadable Data

We use the military's method for hard drive destruction.

It gives our customer sense of security.

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