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What is "The Right Way"?

By choosing us who is register with EPA, NYS DEC and NYC Consumer Affairs.

And where we stand on a method of handling electronic scraps so that it doesn't end up in the landfill.


The method consist of two steps process.

  • Demanufacture = This is the first process that take out electronic's component so that it can be easily be recycled.
  • Recycle = After the first process, each component is sorted and then, it can be recycled.

Without this method, electronic scraps are hard to recycle.

All of the processes are done here in Queens, New York. It doesn't sent to China, India or any of the third world countries.

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How to make it "The Right Way"?
  Knowing the right environmental decision and following the law, that's the right way.



1.Electronic Wastes (E-Wastes) vs. Electronic Scraps (E-Scraps)
When you see these two terms, they seems to be the same, yet it's not the same thing.
Here're the differences
End up in the landfill.
Not in the landfill.
Consider as Waste.
Consider as recyclable material.
2. Compliance or Comply vs. Register
There are companies who recycle electronics that use word to describe what they do. For example "Compliance or comply with the law" and "Register with the law". What's the differences?
Here're the differences
Compliance or Comply
Doesn't comply with the law.
Comply with the law.
Not liable for environmental concern.
Liable for environmental concern.
Non-Export Control. May export electronics wastes to China, India or any of 3rd world countries.
Export Control.
When selecting a service that help you dispose of your electronic, you got to be environmentally concern.

 The Law
April 1, 2011, a new law in New York state that ban business from disposing electronics into the landfill. For residential, it will begin the same practice in Janurary 1, 2015. (Link)
By contacting Prince Metal for disposing electronics, we can help you stay on "The Right Way" with the law.
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